Natural & Clean RB Skincare FAQ


Where are RB products made?

We sprout our products right here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Are your products all natural, no preservatives?

Yes, we don’t dabble in anything less then clean and safe ingredients, in fact we make sure our ingredients are meticulously selected from trusted sources with pesticide-free and natural, clean harvests.

Natural, Organic, Clean, what is the difference?

It’s simple really, what is natural is organic and clean yet what is organic may not necessarily be natural or clean and what is clean will always be natural but not always be organic. However there are exceptions to this rule, certain ingredient in the beauty industry are considered natural when in fact they are synthetically produced and serve as a stunt double for nature-made properties. Always aim for products made with clean ingredients.

How do I know my skin type and what products to use?

We have a very different approach to caring for your skin at home. Basically, less is more and more is less. The less products you use in your skincare routine the more benefits you will have as you are letting your skin do what it does best, protect and regenerate. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and from what we know of our organs, they can handle their own. From external attacks to internal struggles, our skin never ceases to communicate it’s feelings, just listen.

As for more is less, the more you understand how your skin speaks to you and respond accordingly, the less you’ll need to intervene.

What are the benefits of using RB products?

To name a few:

  • Help the skin heal from conditions such as dehydration, broken capillaries, cracked skin, inflammation and many more,
  • Feed the skin with nutrients for optimum skin health,
  • Help bring the shine and chase away the dullness,
  • Softens dead skins cells,
  • Help increase and facilitate the blood flow under the skin,
  • Safer for sensitive skin,
  • Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals found in other brands,
  • Lower risk of irritations,
  • Peace of mind allowing your nervous system to produce more serotonin (Happy molecule),
  • Supporting a clean brand with purpose, honesty and integrity,