About RB

Simple beginnings…

"My fascination with skincare traces back to my childhood, where I witnessed the women in my life crafting homemade remedies from natural ingredients in their kitchens. This early exposure sparked a curiosity that persisted into my formative years and beyond.

It wasn't until eight years ago that I found the courage to experiment with making my own moisturizer. Motivated by a desire to innovate and address unmet needs, I began tinkering with different formulas and compositions. Through trial and error, I discovered unique blends with various benefits, deepening my understanding and passion for plant-based skincare.

In 2018, I felt compelled to share my journey and passion with others. It was a turning point that led me to start Rooted Body, with a mission to offer skincare products that celebrate the power of nature without compromising on effectiveness. Join me on this journey as we explore the beauty and nourishment of plant-based skincare together."  Imane B.


Our Identity*

We are not just a skincare company; we are pioneers of a revolution in self-care. With unwavering passion and dedication, we meticulously handcraft natural, clean, and wholesome skincare products for everyone.

Our commitment goes beyond skincare—it's a commitment to our planet. We source ethically harvested ingredients from individuals who share our vision of environmental stewardship. Together, we strive towards a common goal: nurturing the Earth while nourishing your skin.

Every ingredient we select is chosen with utmost care, ensuring that our products are as pure and wholesome as the plants from which they are derived. We refuse to compromise on quality or integrity, because we believe that you deserve nothing less than the best.

Join us in our mission to redefine skincare. Experience the power of nature, crafted with passion and purpose, in every product from our brand.


Spreading our Roots!

Rooted Body represents an exciting frontier in skincare innovation—a chance to harness the gifts of nature and craft essential products that our skin craves. It's an opportunity to rediscover our inherent connection to the earth and reclaim our power to choose clean, ethical solutions for our bodies.

With Rooted Body, you're not just investing in skincare; you're embracing a promise of authenticity and purity. Let your skin breathe freely as you indulge in our thoughtfully curated formulations, each one a testament to the potent synergy between science and nature.

But Rooted Body goes beyond skincare—it's a movement. It's about empowering individuals like you to make conscious choices that resonate with your values. Let your voice be heard as you join us on this journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future for both your skin and the planet.

beauty is rooted in you!  

From our family to yours,

The Rooted Body Team.