About RB

Simple beginnings…

My childhood instilled in me an interest in skincare as I observed women around me creating potions in their kitchens from naturally grown products of oils and butters. My curiosity remained throughout my formative years and into adulthood, where 8 years ago I found the bravery to attempt to make moisturizer. I had this desire and saw the need to create something new and different. Experimenting with various compositions, I was able to develop unique outcomes with differing benefits. It was through this process, I began a deep understanding and passion in plant-based skincare. In 2018, I began sharing this passion with you.


Our Identity*

We R a skin care company passionately handcrafting natural, clean and wholesome skincare for all by sourcing out ethically harvested ingredients from responsible individuals working towards the common goal of caring for the environment. In doing so, we make sure our products are as clean and as wholesome as the plant they contain.


Spreading our Roots!

Rooted Body is an opportunity to harmoniously create from nature's gift, essential products our skin longs for and reclaim our inherited ability to choose clean and ethical. Let your skin breath, let your voice be heard,

beauty is rooted in you!