Our approach to the treatments we offer is quiet different and demonstrates our in depth understanding of the skin, it's composition and functions. This is why we choose to cater to your needs on the spot


Rooting for You

Release, Restore and Respect your skin with our “Rooted in you” facial tailored for your skin needs. This treatment uses the skin’s abilities to repair  itself with a landed hand from natural skincare formulations prepared by our certified aesthetician.

Weather you are looking for rooted relaxation, embedded hydration or an exfoliating cleanse, our trained and certified aestheticians will ensure that you leave the facial room feeling satisfied with your experience.

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Scalp Massage (Add On)

Imagine closing your eyes to 20 minutes of sleep inducing scalp massage. We take our time to ensure you enjoy this serene moment where we stimulate the scalp for better blood circulation, to release some of the tension and allow for improvement to your clear thinking, relaxed and healthier self.

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Body Scrub

Exfoliating your body is key in skin hydration. Our Body Scrub treatment will rid you of dead skin cells and debris that is creating a barrier for in depth hydration. This treatment includes a hydrating RB 1 - Whipped Body Butter application you'll greatly enjoy.

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